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Providing liquidity for mineral interest, both large and small since 1984

MPH Production Company is a leader in the nation in acquisition of oil and gas royalties, minerals and overriding royalties. MPH Production strives for personal attention to your individual needs and high ethical standards. MPH Production Company will pursue acquisitions nationwide. Since 1984 MPH Production Company has specialized in acquiring mineral and royalty properties, we will evaluate your property, offer you a high multiple lump sum and prepare all the necessary documentation.

With oil and gas prices at an all time high now may be an exceptionally good time to liquidate an otherwise volatile class asset by selling. These funds could be used within the terms defined in the IRC codes to invest in an asset class such as real estate without tax consequences. When you are ready to sell your mineral rights MPH Production Company can offer you a competitive offer for your royalties, minerals or estate holdings.

MPH Production Company will prepare transfer deeds and all necessary documents for your oil and gas interests. We will make you a non-binding offer at no cost to the seller.

When you are ready to sell mineral rights or you have a question about monetizing your mineral or royalty interest, please call us today at 361.572.3051 or email us at